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对于海岸洪灾的赈灾活动, 我们鍾青总团当然也义不容辞。虽然受到严重影响的三个洲还没有宗亲会,廸纹总团长在得到总会长的支持和今早与星洲日报总社CEO会面了解后,得知饮食品已足够。现在需要的是善后必需品, 如汶龙团长建议的 – 床垫 (tilam)。星洲日报会负责提供消息和运输床垫到灾区。
我们这次的筹备时间非常紧凑,  临时筹委会必需马上成立。由每州团长为筹委副主席负责各州捐助名单, 总结名单请转发给总秘书,廸纹和汶龙合作按排事务工作。  床垫每张RM 32.00 (厂价) 尺寸- 高 4寸 x 宽 3尺 x 長 6尺 3寸。希望全国宗亲能慷慨解囊, 乐助灾民。谢谢。
请联系:锺迪纹:012 3217939
In response to the severe flood situation in East Coast, our Youth Division wishes to react a motion. Although we do not have any Clans Association in these 3 states yet but, after our Youth Head Steven discussed with our Federation President, Dato Baba agreed on our proposal to work together with Sin Chew Daily and Steven met its CEO this morning to understand the needs that we can offer. He said foods & mineral water supply are sufficient at this time and accepted our Youth leader of Negeri Sembilan Woon Loong’s idea that mattress is essential item for recovery later.While waiting for the feedback from Sin Chew Daily of the date for delivery, we may start preparing now.We form an immediate action team that every state Youth Leader is responsible to collect the donor name and mattress donation quantity list for which is 6 feet 3″ length, 3 feet width and 4″ thickness costs RM32 each.Please compile the list to our Secretary General later.
Steven and Woon Loong are incharge to liaise with the party concern .It is open to all our Clans and please  support. Thank you.

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