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50周年庆-2 个抽奖游戏,共有5个大奖


2 个抽奖游戏, 2 lucky Draw Game

共有5个大奖,total 5 BIG PRIZE

1)雪隆网讯遣送email 订阅,注册抽奖游戏

马上用手机上网,到雪隆锺氏,  的FeedBurner注册,

游戏截至时间是当晚9.00 pm, 抽奖环节在拿督锺道昌主持的2015-IT 年推行礼.

雪隆网讯遣送email 订阅,注册长期进行,请宗亲们协助推广此运动,让我们雪隆锺氏网迅源远流长


所有出席今晚宴的锺家子弟,未成为会员者,超过法定年龄18岁以上,可填写表格,今晚申请成为新会员。今晚申请新会员的会员费免。还有合格申请及出席者将参于新会员抽奖游戏。丹斯里拿督斯里乌达玛锺廷森为大会抽奖。新会员申请抽奖截时间是当晚9.30 pm


1) RSS feed to your Email subscription, SUBCRIBE IMMEDIATELY RSS feed to your Email. Successful Registration will entitle for Lucky Draw.

Please use you smartphone, browse to Register using FeedBurner

Lucky Draw validity will be closing that night, 9.00pm. Lucky draw time during IT year launching. RSS feed will continue valid for registration after this game. Calling all Choong Clans help to promote this and our information shall spread all over Choong community.


2)      New membership Application, Lucky Draw

Calling all non member Choong Clanmen who exceeded 18 years old, eligible to apply for new membership that night and membership fees is waived. GUEST of HONOR Tan Sri Dato Seri Utama William Cheng will DRAW the big prize.

Lucky Draw validity will be closing that night, 9.30pm.

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Sengwon is a member of Persatuan Choong WPKL & Sel 现任: 马来西亚锺氏总会国文书 第27届理事会过文书兼 青年团的电脑资讯理事 现负责:雪隆锺氏网站开发与管理。