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2 lucky draw game, total 5 big prizes


 2 lucky Draw Game

total 5 BIG PRIZE

1) RSS feed to your Email subscription, SUBCRIBE IMMEDIATELY RSS feed to your Email. Successful Registration will entitle for Lucky Draw.

Please use you smartphone, browse to Register using FeedBurner

Lucky Draw validity will be closing that night, 9.00pm. Lucky draw time during IT year launching. RSS feed will continue valid for registration after this game. Calling all Choong Clans help to promote this and our information shall spread all over Choong community.


2)      New membership Application, Lucky Draw

Calling all non member Choong Clanmen who exceeded 18 years old, eligible to apply for new membership that night and membership fees is waived. GUEST of HONOR Tan Sri Dato Seri Utama William Cheng will DRAW the big prize.

Lucky Draw validity will be closing that night, 9.30pm.

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